Sunday, August 19, 2012

Spelling Words for the week of August 2-

 Spelling in my class is always considered homework.  It is always the same every week.  It is as follows: ABC order, 5 times each and use each word in a sentence.  They are due Friday.  Please note that spelling and reading tests are always on Monday unless it is a make up test or unless there will be no school on a Monday.  Please look for a paper coming home to help further explain spelling.  Below are the words for the week that go with the story, Iris And Walter. I've also included a link that has four spelling games with this week's words.  Have fun studying!

1.  drum
2.  rock
3.  list
4.  desk
5.  job
6.  sad
7.  chop
8.  sack
9.  tag
10. rib
11. mess
12. dust


13. picket
14. lettuce
15. engine

Spelling word games link:

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