Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week of 9-16 through 9-20

Our story this week is Lucia's Neighborhood. The big idea is about community. Please try to create discussions with your child about people and places in their community while using vocabulary such as rural-farm and urban-city.  Included below are some links to help your child with this weeks focuses for reading.

Type your name and click on the -e. (phonics- short e)

phonics (short e)

ABC order

Build a community

phonics(word family _en)

Please let me know if you find these links helpful.  Also, if you feel like you need something that's not on here, let me know as well.  This blog is for you and I am willing to put whatever you need on it to help the kids.  Enjoy that fall weather!!!

Movin' right along!

Wow. I guess that old saying is true! Time flies when your having fun.  I can't believe we've been in school for almost 6 weeks. It's almost time to start looking for Fall Break! Here's just a few reminders since we've fell into the groove of things:
1. Always listen to your child read from their book bag every night and sign their logs.
2. The kids will always have about 5 minutes of spelling homework nightly. (It's all on one sheet)
3. Spelling and reading tests are always on Friday mornings.
4. School-wide snacks (popcorn and drink - 2.00) are sold on Fridays.
5. Please make sure your child is bringing their Journey's book home and reading/listening to the story          nightly.