Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spelling words

Spelling words for the week of Oct. 29 - Nov. 2.

note, notes, lunch, lunches, story, stories, tune, tunes, switch, switches, baby, babies, crumbs, centuries, supplies

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I heart visitors!

We were so lucky to have Dominick's Grandpa ( how was that Julie?) come in today and carve a pumpkin for us.  He usually carves a pumpkin in the New York school system but he's here in Tennessee visiting and boy are we glad! We loved getting our hands gooey. Check out his apron.  I loved it!

Dominick was all smiles and so was everyone else including me.  Thanks grandpa for our beautiful pumpkin.  It's out beside our classroom door welcoming everyone to our room.  I hope we can start a tradition!  

Best. Class. Ever!

These kiddo's are the best kids ever.  I'm constantly telling co-workers about the funny and witty things they are doing and saying.  Yesterday was no exception.  A student brought Halloween treat bags and we gave them out.  A few minutes later, I went to the bathroom.  I noticed it got quiet.  You know, that quiet that can't lead to anything good.  So I open my door and this is what's staring at me.  I had to get my camera and get a picture.  FYI: They are all wearing black because it's DARE week and it was all black day.