Tuesday, December 11, 2012

math miseries

I've never considered myself a math person. I've always got it but to say it's my favorite subject is a stretch.  Fast forward 20+ years.  Things have changed so much in how the operations and order works. So when I started getting calls and texts from parents, I knew I had to do something to make it easier for my kids and my parents.  One - my kids were learning it one way at school and then going home and the parents ( my husband included) were helping them how they were taught.  Two-it's imperative to make the lives of my parents easier! So here is a link of the same video the kids watch to get understanding on how to do this math in this chapter.  Please text me if you need more information. Hope this helps!


Click on this link and scroll down to topic 7.  Our topics this week are 07-02 (finding parts of 100) and 07-03 (Subtracting on a hundred chart).