Wednesday, February 8, 2012


We are beginning a new unit on Geometry so we will be moving away from two-digit addition and subtraction in our Math lessons.  I will continue to do a quick review of addition and subtraction during our Journal time so don't think we are totally leaving it.  There are still students who need extra practice with their addition facts.  These need to be memorized so that students can recite them quickly.  Please continue to use flashcards at home if your child is struggling with them. 

During our Geometry lessons, we will be studying the shapes in space and spatial relationships.  This is important because it offers children opportunities to relate mathematics to the real world.  Research suggests that spatial ability is related to problem-solving ability.  Developing your child's geometric concepts and spacial sense will hopefully allow them to benefit from the use of models and diagrams in other strands of Mathematics.

I'm excited about this unit and I think the kids are going to enjoyit as well!

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