Friday, September 23, 2011

Math Vocabulary

Here is a list of the Math Vocabulary that we have already covered this year.  The students should have a copy of these in their ROCKS binder.

add : when you add, you join groups together
addition sentence: 3+4=7 or three plus four equals seven
part: each group of the counters is a part.  The 2 parts together make a whole.
equals: "is the same"
sum: the amount in all after you add
plus: added to
join: put together
whole: add 2 parts to make the whole
minus: to take away or subtract
difference: the amount that is left after you subtract
subtraction sentence: 9-3=6 or nine minus three equals six
subtract: when you subtract, you find out how many are left or which group has more
fewer: use fewer to talk about having a lesser amount
separate: to separate can mean to subtract
more: the group with a greater number of objects has more
related: addition facts and subtraction facts are related if they have the same numbers.
doubles: addition facts in which the two numbers being added are the same
addend: the numbers that are added are called the addends
number sentence: a mathematical sentence with an operational symbol and an equal sign.

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