Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We are hoping to create a classroom full of "ROCK STARS"

 Here is our classroom behavior chart that we refer to in the students' black notebooks. It is also something new that we are trying this year.  After meeting all of our students and thinking about the different behavior management systems we have used and seen, we thought this one was perfect for our class.  (maybe because I love the 80's haha) This has been a great tool to keep the kids on task and to promote a sense of "family" in our room.  Here is a list of the rules/class contract that the students came up with that we refer to daily.  They also signed the "contract" saying they would always try their best to do the following:
1. Be safe
2. Always be honest
3. Be kind to others
4. Respect others
5. Don't talk while others are talking
6. Keep your hands to yourself
7. Be grateful
8. Be patient
9. Share
 (Outside our room)

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  1. I love the Mr. Potato Head, the Rock Stars, and especially the classroom conduct that your children came up with! How do you manage the Potato Head? It seems like there's not too many parts to one? How do you manage the Rock Star? I notice you said it helps create a family - something that is important to me with my second graders. Thank you for the great ideas!